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The Podcast by KevinMD

Jul 28, 2021

"While physicians provide a vital service to the U.S., they often have blind spots when it comes to maintaining their own financial health. Many in the medical field believe that financial planning is as simple as having an IRA account and that estate planning will be taken care of by a will. Unfortunately, particularly for those in this profession, financial planning is more important than ever, and President Biden’s proposed tax changes could have a profound effect on physicians’ financial planning in particular. Working with a fiduciary financial advisor to understand how the new laws affect physicians and implementing strategies that can lessen the impact is key to navigating these changes."

Syed Nishat and Aadil Zaman are partners, Wall Street Alliance Group. They are regularly quoted and interviewed in media outlets like Medical Economics, Forbes, US News, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance.

This special episode is the audio version of the webinar, "President Biden's tax proposal and its effects on estate and income tax planning for physicians," sponsored by Wall Street Alliance Group. (

Watch the full webinar. (