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The Podcast by KevinMD

Jun 27, 2020

"We are in the midst of a crisis in humanity. While we are still dealing with COVID pandemic and its deleterious health, economic and societal consequences, our troubling past of racism and inequality is rearing its ugly head.

The senseless killings at the hands of police, the shameful subjugation of persons of color, the systemic prejudice of a person based upon gender, sexual orientation, or disability have placed us at a tipping point in society. We are vulnerable as a community, as a state, and as a nation. As I am writing this, I am disheartened, disillusioned, and spiritually broken.

Our children are witnesses and possibly victims of this inequity. So we as persons of all ways of life and ethnicity must do right for our current generation of highly impressionable minds. As I pen this 'call to care,' I ask you all to consider the following important actions."

Nicolo Geralde is a neonatologist.

He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD articles, "We are in the midst of a crisis in humanity" ( and "A different perspective on PPE during the COVID-19 crisis." (